Anil Auluck
Landscapes, Still-life etc.

Copper Planter, watercolour 10"X8"
Grey Goose, watercolour 20"X10"
Starfish, watercolour 16"X20"
Shikara boat, Kerala India trip 2015, watercolour 8"X10"
Riu Resort, Cancun Mexico, arcylics 12"X16"
Brockton Point Lighthouse, Stanley Park Vancouver, watercolor 11"X8.5"
Autumn's Sunlight. 11"X14" watercolour. The bright sunlight on the red vibrant colour of this fire hydrant cought my attention on an October afternoon at Winona Park, Marpole, Vancouver
Harmony, 11"X14" watercolour. This is a street in North Delta BC. The light snow on the street and colours of sunset in the background attracted me
Water Lilies
Water Lilies (8"x10"), Watercolour and ink on mixed media paper
Prayer, watercolour 11"X13"
Red Boat, Kerala India, watercolour 8"X10"
Tiger, watercolour 16"X20"
Bridges Restaurant, Granville Island, watercolour 7"X5"
Leopard, watercolour 8.5"X11.5"
Girl in swimsuit, another beautiful statue in Stanley Park, watercolor 10"X8"
The Famous Seawall, 11"x14" watercolours. Seawall, Stanley park and Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver BC.
The Fearless Girl, 11"X14" watercolour. I wanted to capture the boldness of this statue on Wall Street, New York. Took reference from multiple photos on instagram.
White Rock Beach, watercolour 8"X10"
Winter Olympic Claudron Vancouver BC
Olympic Claudron Vancouver BC, acrylics on canvas 11"X14"
After school. 11"X14" Ink and watercolour. In 2008, clicked the picture of my daughter, Sonali's converse when I observed the interesting shadows. Painted it on her high school graduation in 2015.
Hotel Vancouver
Hotel Vancouver, acrylics on canvas 11"X14", picture taken during 2010 Winter Olympics
Tiger, watercolour
Birch trees in fall, watercolor 10"X8"
Sunset in the woods, tiny 5"X7" watercolour
A break in the middle of rain. 11"X14" watercolour. While I was waiting to cross the Peace Arch border, couldn't resist to capture this beautilful view of the edge of the town of Blaine WA, USA